Ivy League Schools, Please Accept More Students!

January 9, 2013 at 12:16 pm
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Before you can get into any program, you always have to be qualified first. Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Standard…all those Ivy League schools provide the best education (relatively speaking), but limit the enrollment so that most of their education material (even though some of it is online now) are not available. I think a certain level of qualifications are still needed, but I think it’s time to loosen it up. Those schools have been around for the longest time, but few of them have expanded and accept more students so that they can empower more bright minds? (I know many have expanded overseas and created partner systems to accept marginally more foreign students)

Yeah, I said it. I'd still go, but I said it.

Yeah, I said it. I’d still go, but I said it.

I feel like educational institutes’ goals should be to empower individuals and the world as a whole, and not filter out human beings and print out their school shirts and sweaters to brand which factory an individual last got processed at. If Harvard has such an awesome curriculum, then they should have a franchise program to enable other colleges and teachers to follow the same technique so that more students can get exposed to better teaching material. Yes, and I do understand that many colleges are there to serve a custom purpose – those can stay that way. I’m talking about the mass majority of general education colleges.

Also, the logic of the world right now is still is – if you graduated from a top school, you are a smart individual, and if you’re not, then you’re less smart. Yes, a PC that has an OS installed IS better than a PC with no OS installed, but if the specs are the same, then the 2 PCs are basically equally as powerful. A PC without an OS installed just simple means it doesn’t have an OS installed, simple as that. Not better or worse. And yes, human beings are more complicated than that, but it’s not fair to say that people who went to top schools are intrinsically better at doing a job and that you should give them better salary. What about the people who didn’t ever want to go to a top school, or got accepted and didn’t want to go? Are they not “Harvard” quality individuals? In geek terms, they probably work on DOS or Linux, but right now in this world, because most people still only know how to use Windows, so they think DOS and Linux or any non-Windows OSes are untouchables or inferior (I think Linux is fucken awesome).

I don't think this was sold at Harvard

I don’t think this was sold at Harvard

I can say that most of the people who are “top school” candidates did not go to a top school. They probably just didn’t want to go, or they just didn’t get the right education to pass the subjective¬†quantification. Either way, everyone is very capable in their own way, and they should get the right training, education, and guidance to reach their maximum potential. A stupid process and the lack of dorm rooms in a college should not be the reason why most individuals in the world are not getting the best education they can get.

Harvard, and your Ivy League buddies. Loosen up admissions and stop fueling the segmentation of human beings.


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